Partners we have worked with

We have worked with people in The United Kingdom, Europe as well as Asia.

Many of our projects are co- funded by Ecorys UK, European Union and Norweignian Regional Fund.

Innovative practices for ONE planet with three Es-
Embrace Diversity
Enhance Knowledge
Empower People







What do we do?

Our team is highly experienced with working across range of markets from UK, Europe to Asia. 

ELN (European Learning Network) with its subsidiaries: Crinnova Solutions, ARVET, TIR Consulting Group and Talking Seeds; aims to bring normalcy in an ever changing environment through reality checks, analysis, research and resources management aiming to make things happen so our partners and/ or clients become more competitive & leaders in their sector. 

European learning and networking!

ELN believes that education is lifelong activity. Over the years we have grown into a consortia of UK and EU education providers, of colleges, universities, VET skills organisations to NGOs, SMEs and government education agencies. 

We deliver a number of European Union initiatives from career education, digitisation skills, VET education, entrepreneurial skills to social inclusion programmes

“ELN's vision and mission is to- develop enterprise culture through creativity, innovation and researched methodologies.”

Rajesh Pathak, Director

Activities and experiences-

ELN is continously working with international partners and government agencies to provide quality vocational, adult and youth education. Specifically we promote and conduct programmes related to entrepreneurship, digital skills, continous learning goals among youth, NEETs and disadvantaged people with a focus on enhancing their career path, personal development and employability advancements. 

We also have expanded our workforce to encourage and foster democractic participation of EU citizens while developing international conference/seminar, on issues related to civic and open society supporting EU policies.


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